Retractable Pergola Covers

Retractable Pergola Covers from All Seasons Awning SystemsRetractable Pergola Covers

Retractable pergola covers are very similar to cassette awnings. The most noticeable difference is that retractable awnings use folding arms to support the fabric, whereas pergola covers have permanent guide rails.

Normally, pergola covers mount on top of an existing structure, such as a gazebo or sunroom, to provide shade on demand. They can also be mounted over skylights and spas. If mounted vertically, they can be used as a privacy shade, wind screen, or to block early morning or late afternoon sun.


Retractable Pergola Covers All Seasons Awning Systems



In locations where there is no existing structure, legs can be added to create a permanent pergola.

Retractable Pergola cover structure All Seasons Awning Systems