Year Round Dining

Retractable Shades Provide All Weather Protection

exterior retractable shadesChallenge:
A restaurant owner in northern California wanted to be able to provide outdoor dining and phenomenal views for patrons no matter what the weather. The restaurant’s large outdoor patio was previously only available for seating during optimal weather. The addition of retractable shades provides year-round-dining on the patio.

Exterior retractable shades offer year-round protection from strong winds, rain and other weather elements while enhancing outdoor living space at the same time.

The two photos on this page show how All Seasons Awnings was able to increase the restaurant dining room capabilities by offering a beautiful outdoor patio – protected from strong winds and rain using special zip vertical retractable shades.

Customers enjoy dining outdoors, phenomenal views through clear vinyl windows, with complete protection from the elements. In nice weather, the shades can be partially or fully retracted.
Shades expand usable restaurant space

With modified fabric that locks into the vertically oriented tracks, this model can withstand stronger winds than non-Zip models, prevent the entry of flying insects, reduce solar energy gain and increase privacy. When retracted, the fabric is enclosed within a full cassette. Available in widths up to 16’.